• Reduces your workers’ compensation cost
  • Improves worker productivity
  • Reduces work-related injuries
  • You hire only people that are capable of doing the job
  • Establishes a baseline of physical performance that can be used for future reference in the event of an injury
  • Identifies potential risk of injury

Pre-placement screens comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and will assist you in hiring the most physically suited individuals for the job. This is accomplished by a job site analysis where we will specifically measure the essential demands of various work activities. The results of this analysis are then tailored into a comprehensive and objective pre-placement screen.

Excel Physical Therapy’s Pre-Placement Screen consists of 3 main components: 1. History Questionnaire, 2. Musculoskeletal Physical and 3. Functional Tasks, based on the company’s essential job tasks of various work activities. Specific components included in the pre-placement screen includes; history of injury, posture analysis, active movements, upper & lower extremity evaluations, muscle strength & reflexes, and lifting technique. This physical exam will establish baseline criteria regarding strength, range of motion and other information that may be used as a comparison in the event of future injury. Excel will be examining the ability of the individuals to do the job and assist you in making appropriate hiring decisions in an objective manner that complies with the ADA. The screening process will also help you identify when the offer of employment can be withdrawn based on the applicant’s inability to safely perform the job requirements.


  • Observation/Posture analysis
  • Gait analysis and movement pattern examination
  • Range of motion of the neck
  • Range of motion of the back
  • Range of motion of the upper and lower extremities
  • Flexibility testing
  • Strength of upper and lower extremities
  • Reflexes of upper and lower extremities
  • Grip Strength
  • Carpal Tunnel Screening
  • Palpation of spine and surrounding musculature
  • Lifting technique evaluation

Screens will most often be seen the same day they are scheduled or within 24 hours.

Excel Physical Therapy offers a one-of-a-kind facility that allows our licensed physical therapists to examine and test individuals with the actual product and/or tasks that they would be required to do on a daily basis with their job. Below are a few photos of our facility.

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